In our wanderlust let’s make a stopover in the streets of an artistic area of  the cosmopolite city Montreal: Plateau Mont-Royal.  


Plateau Mont-Royal from the eyes of a street photographer.
The Plateau is a neighborhood in Montreal, Quebec Canada where many artists tend to live and work. It has been rated as one of the best neighborhoods in the world to live in. Here is a look at why through the eyes of street photographer Calgar C. Following are some photos of the Plateau and its people.


We cycle in winter!


Pikolo cafe. Rated the best cafe in Montreal.



Famous vintage store on St Laurent st. Eva B is a 3 floor shop selling clothing, furniture, art, including a cafe and lounge areas.


Every summer St laurent closes down to cars and they host the Mural festival. The chalkboard wall sums it up nicely.


The Plateau as well as Mile End is full of murals done by various artists from all over the world.


There is always something interesting in Mile End.



The most photogenic man in Montreal.


Mile End in the fall.


You can check out more of Calgar C’s work here.

Calgar C

Calgar C is a musician, producer and street photographer based in Montreal’s artistic neighborhood Plateau-Mont Royal.

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