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Dear You,
Everyone of us is unique and your birth chart is the cosmic evidence of your uniqueness!
Your birth chart is your soul’s blueprint; it represents your wiring and potentials.
The planets on your birth chart are the symbols representing parts of your psyche, and the aspects represent the different dynamics between the planets and therefore the different parts of your psyche.
How can astrological counseling with me help you? If you feel stuck, challenged, lost, emotionally in pain or confused or if you want to deepen your self-awareness, a consultation will give you a meaningful context to understand yourself  and/or the challenges you are currently facing. It willl provide you a deeper undertsanding of yourself, and help you make sense of your experience with a more informed and insightful perspective. We will look at how your soul’s blueprint manifests in your life and what your chart suggests about resolving the (repeated) patterns that limit your potential and capacity, but also the strengths and talents at your disposal.
Insights and self-understanding generated by astrology give the possibility for transformation & healing. Astrological counseling will give you unique therapeutic insights to facilitate your personal development and growth.
I use astrology as an energy healing modality to help you grow your self-awareness and to facilitate the unfolding of your own emotional & spiritual healing and growth by expanding your perception, perspective and your consciousness about yourself, career, personal relationships, finances etc.
How can we work together?
☾ A consultation of natal astrology can help you with my holistic interpratation and my insights to explore your birth chart and understand your essential needs (relationships, work etc.), your potentials and challenges. It will help you to deepen your self-knowledge, self-understanding and get guidance for your personal journey of evolution.
☾ A consultation of evolutionary astrology can give you a very insightful and helpful context to understand your current challenges. We discuss your experience in the light of your astrology to help you understand what is important for you right now on your schedule of evolution. I will look at the set of patterns in your birth chart and also the current transits to your birth chart (with different techniques: transits, secondary progressions and transits to secondary progressions) to provide you deep therapeutic insights and help you understand your evolutionary requirements – how you are asked to change and evolve. Let me give you some examples* of how major transits could reflect your current experience. *Those are only few examples because a same transit can be reflected in many different ways in different people’s lives.
A Pluto transit can be very intense and emotionally triggering. You could feel intense and charged emotions in your body too. You could feel very pressured to address deeper and unresolved issues. Such a transit could also intensify your focus on a particular matter. The purpose of such a crisis is to heal, purify, transform, regenerate and empower some parts of your psyche and your life. Pluto transiting your Sun could require a transformation and empowerment of your self-concept or intensify your focus on your life’s purpose. This transit could have an overall impact on your life and different parts of your life. A new self-concept could have consequences on your relationships too or your career etc.
During a Neptune transit, you could experience confusion, uncertainty, a feeling of being lost or a need to deepen your faith. You could feel anxiety due to the lack of clarity. If you are per example going through a Neptune transit to your natal Mercury, you could feel unfocused and/or suspended. This transit would ask you to surrender, to develop your faith and your relationship with a higher power of your own understanding, to trust and allow things to unfold. This transit could also require a shift of your perceptions and therefore your attitudes; this can have a major impact on your life.
Uranus transits could bring sudden and unexpected events or opportunities in your life; an awakening or a need to break free from some things could happen and come up as well. You could feel restless and disruptive energy. You could also be very insightful and desiring more freedom and independence. If your natal Saturn is transited by Uranus, you could experience sudden changes related to your life’s structures (work, relationships, finances etc.) An Uranus transit to your Mars could have you experience sudden and disruptive endings or manifestation of anger. Such Uranian transits would require to be open to newness, to the unexpected, to break free from things that don’t serve your fulfillment and ultimately to repattern some parts of your psyche and your life.
⋆ After the awakening or liberating energy of Uranus, let me share some words about Saturn transits that can be a major time in a person’s life as well. A Saturn transit could have you experience a need to preserve your energy, to focus or refocus on a project or a part of your life. A Saturn transit could also force you to do a reality check, to face reality as it is and accept it. It is some time painful to get disillusioned and sit with a stark realization. A Saturn transit can deepen your focus and be a very productive time. Sometimes, it can also bring some feelings related to the fear of failure, inadequacy or even depression. Saturn transits require to mature, to take responsibility for your actions, to organize or reorganize things in your life, to structure or restructure parts of your life, to become wiser or more goal and achievement oriented and to put in the work. Ultimately to make your dreams a reality with work combined to your faith.
You know your life, I know astrology. Let’s have an insightful consultation to help you give meaning to your experience and expand to higher thinking. That’s the healing power and beauty of Astrology.
Seeking and acquiring knowledge about yourself has the power to empower you; it contributes to your inner healing work, self-unfoldment and your growth, to the transformation of your consciousness and your life.
⋆ How does a consultation happen? An astrological counseling consultation lasts 90 minutes and happens online on Zoom/Skype, so we can connect and work together from wherever you are in the world! Astrology consultations are confidential and they can take place in English or in French. 
To prepare your consultation, I would need your exact birth place and birth time. I read your astrology in the context of your experience. Before your consultation, I will send you a confidential form with some questions and to ask you to mention the specific challenges you are going through right now, so we can look at the core of what you need to know.
{Limited offer} ⋆The natal astrology counseling consultation of 90 minutes is 60$
{Limited offer }⋆ The evolutionary astrology counseling consultation of 90 minutes is 85$.
To book your consultation send me first an email on:  Then you will have to pay on, to confirm the date and time of your online consultation on Zoom or Skype.
You can also book a Tarot reading, get infos here 

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My intention is to help people expand their self-awareness & confidence. Overcome their emotional pain & self-doubt so they can transform & let their light shine to make a difference with their lives. I also do Astrology consultations & Tarot readings to find and communicate insights & healing to people who feel called to work with me.

"Two roads diverged in a wood and I - I took the one less travelled by and, that has made all the difference" - Robert Frost

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