Sarah Anouar – My story

Welcome to you, dear warm & creative people!

Sarah Anouar © Marie-Christine Romani

I am Sarah Anouar, founder of L’Eclectique Magazine, author of the novel “Subjuguer me fascine”, the mini book for soul “The Most Precious Love” & “French Kiss”

As far as I can remember, I’ve always been very curious with the willingness to understand what is happening around me. To explore my potential talents, I have developed many passions: writing, books, geopolitics & diplomacy, communication, creativity, culture, travel, lifestyle, soul healing & empowerment, entrepreneurship and spirituality to name but a few. After the loss of a beloved one and following my soul’s desire, I started to craft this magazine in 2014 with just my notebook. L’Eclectique  has since received the support of Agnès b, the French fashion house in 2015.

To that day, I am still living the mystery…

 I instinctively decided to create L’Eclectique, which gave me the possibility to combine all my passions together and lead me on the path of many  discoveries and enlightening encounters. And I am so grateful for that.

Fulfilled is the place to be. Love**, Sarah

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