Time to take back your power! Now!

Dear Souls,

Today, I want to share an experience from my personal creative process. It’s also about how I took the decision to BE who I am. I’m a scripturient, I mean a person who have a consuming passion to write and it took me so many years to get back to my purpose which is writing among others things. I’m a wordsmith, I’m a writer. I’ve started being a journalist and then I found out that I have other messages to convey through writing.

Some personal experiences lead me to realign to my highest self. One year and half ago, I’ve started to write my first novel in French, “Subjuguer me Fascine” inspired by a real personal story. After trying to get published by some publishing houses and not receiving a positive answer. I decided to not lose time anymore sending my book and waiting for the willingness of someone to answer. After five months, I started to perceive the “no answer” like a redirection for me. I then decided to take my own power back by self-publishing my novel. I felt strongly that I couldn’t go on with my life if I didn’t put myself out there with this book. I had to turn a page of my personal story and start writing a new one. I got to the next level using the amazing possibility to do it on Amazon with an ebook-kindle and a print version. Doing this was actually a way to authorize myself to exist somehow and to be in my personal power full scale without expecting someone to give me the right to tell me who I am, and if my stories are worth being shared with the world or not. I came to the point where my decision was more powerful than their decision over my life. I made the promise to myself that I would never allow anyone to tell me if I can fulfill my purpose. It’s in me!  I need to do things my own way and focus on my life passions: writing, art, culture, travel, lifestyle, personal development, spirituality etc.  That’s also why I am a he(art) entrepreneur.

We live in area where Internet gives us the fabulous opportunity to take back our power from the gatekeepers who entitled themselves to grant us the title of “artist” whatever is your art or tell us if our work is worthy.

Dear creative people, it’s time to take pack your power by believing in you first. Get out there, show up, share your work, and market it. Your power is a result of your decision to reveal it. Self-publishing my book was for me a deep personal and professional process. I broke some patterns and shift my thoughts and my whole perspective about who I am and what I have to do to BE. I learned so many things in the process of writing my first book and I had the opportunity to collaborate with amazing people to make my dream real. I’ve learnt how to use the tools of Amazon to make my book available on the platform so people can buy it wherever they live in the world. It’s a huge advantage. I have to say that this experience was an outstanding opportunity to shift the entire way I see myself. The lesson was: Don’t trade your authenticity for approval. I can only encourage you to do the same with your, dreams projects, artworks. Don’t let anyone define YOU!

I seize this occasion to announce that my very next book “The Most Precious Love” will be released on November 2nd, 2017.  It’s a mini book for the Soul to fill yourself up with self-acceptance and self-worth. Stay tuned to get your copy!


All I want is to help & empower you to be more of you. We become what we believe!

See you here next thursday for a new blog post #ThursdayFoodForSoul

Stay in your power, stay in your heart. sa



Fondatrice de L'Eclectique, subjuguée par l'écriture & l'anglais.
Auteure du roman "Subjuguer me fascine"

Writer & Soul artist
Author of the mini book for Soul "The Most Precious Love" & Soul prose book "French Kiss".

My intention is to help people expand their self-awareness & confidence. Overcome their emotional pain & self-doubt so they can transform & let their light shine to make a difference with their lives. I also do Astrology consultations & Tarot readings to find and communicate insights & healing to people who feel called to work with me.

"Two roads diverged in a wood and I - I took the one less travelled by and, that has made all the difference" - Robert Frost

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