Time to shift your perspective on love commitment

We often look for a lover to make us happy, feel fulfilled or give us a sense of purpose. I have come to understand it is the biggest mistake one can keep doing: chasing a love commitment. A love union is not supposed to make you feel whole or happy all your life. A love union is a commitment for growth between two partners who decide to write a story together. However how could you commit to someone else if you are not committed to yourself first? How could you be happy if all your expectations depends on one person? Fate has a strange way to intervene. What if this person you rely on for your happiness finally leaves your life for whatever reason?

Maybe it’s time to shift in perception about commitment. Commitment is not just the vow to love a person for a lifetime, it is the willingness to always keep your cup full so you can share it with your partner. I mean that if you don’t commit to love yourself first, how could you commit to love someone else? We cannot give from an empty place only from an abundant one. Make the commitment to fill yourself up with love making the things you love, respecting yourself, putting healthy boundaries so you can reflect your self-love to the others. Do not chase, do not pursue love. Give it to yourself first. Be in acceptance of who you are and don’t abdicate your personal power to anyone just to feel seen & loved. Own your power. If you combine love with a high sense of who you are, you won’t believe the level of attraction you will get. Honor yourself first. Don’t enslave yourself willingly in the name of love. Be a loving person but protect your sovereignty and your soul. The commitment you do to yourself is the one that is unbreakable because you always be there for you no matter what happens. What better way of healing than feeling safe to walk alone first? It’s a real game changer. So take the decision to write your own love story before you can write a love story with a person and ask him/her: ‘what will your verse be?’ – To add some light in your life story.


much love** sarah


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My intention is to help people expand their self-awareness & confidence. Overcome their emotional pain & self-doubt so they can transform & let their light shine to make a difference with their lives. I also do Astrology consultations & Tarot readings to find and communicate insights & healing to people who feel called to work with me.

"Two roads diverged in a wood and I - I took the one less travelled by and, that has made all the difference" - Robert Frost

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