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Stop wasting time, cause you have a limited amount of time! – Sarah Anouar

“Soyez-vous mêmes tous les autres sont déjà pris.” – Oscar Wilde

“When your personality comes to serve the energy of your soul, that is authentic empowerment” – Gary Zukav

“Le besoin de créer est dans l’âme comme le besoin de manger dans le corps.” – Christian Bobin

Find your lane & own it. If you can’t find it, create it. – Sarah Anouar

“Be full of yourself” – Oprah Winfrey

“If you have life, you have purpose.” – Caroline Myss

“Ignore conventional wisdom” – Tony Robbins

“There is no magic moment coming in the future it will be ok for you to start… START NOW!” – Mastin Kipp

Life doesn’t happen to you, it happens for you – Shift your perspective

Sometimes we go through very painful life experiences. Whatever it is, we might found ourselves struggling to get why it did happen to us?
Well, what I have come to understand is life is not happening to us but for us. Let me explain: Learn to see failure or loss not like the end of the road but like a red flag putting you in a other direction. Let your failure teach you a lesson that will allow you to grow & propel forward. See it as an opportunity to work on yourself & change your perspective about a situation you have to overcome. To shift in perception on yourself too.

The question you should ask is not ‘why did it happen to me?’ Learn to ask yourself: ‘What am I learning right now?’ Because what you are learning is the main reasons what it is happening. When you start to focus on the lesson, you start to shift and take back your power to move on. I am not saying it will not be painful anymore but you will get the purpose of this pain you are feeling. It is a game changer full scale & far more interesting than loosing so much energy brooding and staying stuck.

Lead your life with this willingness to learn & improve yourself from all your experiences knowing that it is always working for your highest good. When you shift your perspective, you get empowered. And believe me, there’s magic in this process. First the pain, then your rising. Stay tuned for the next posts to empower You.

The place to be is upwards & onwards! sa




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"Two roads diverged in a wood and I - I took the one less travelled by and, that has made all the difference" - Robert Frost

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