An Ending is a new beginning

Dear vibrant Souls,

I hope you’re well. I’m very happy because today my new book “The Most Precious Love” is now available on Amazon (just click on the website). You can get your ebook kindle or print copy from wherever you are in the world. I’ve crafted some words in love from my personal experience  to share with you 33 perspectives so you never abandon your Soul again. I hope it will help you remember the only person you need to get validation from is YOU.


I seize this occasion to share my perspective on ending. Sometime we are so sorry about something coming to an end that we forget to see it as the new beginning of something else. With my very last book, I’m celebrating the end of a phase of my growth process that takes me a decade: Get back to my authentic self and feeling aligned with my purpose. I was running from my life and I found out that the person I was waiting for from so long was me.

This last year was a year of speed growth for me and manifesting a new beginning with putting myself out with my books and repositioning myself as a writer who wants to tell stories but also shift perspectives in my own way, and share it with people so they can maybe connect. It doesn’t mean that my growth process is now over! I’m just starting! It means that I’m now ready to do more of what I love to do, and try to better myself everyday learning new things and breaking patterns that don’t serve me anymore. I feel it’s an end and a new beginning at the same time with a new level of understanding & self-awareness. It’s the time to level up to the next level of my life. I’m already setting intentions for new creative projects because creativity is the best way for me to make change happen and move forward. The process of creation allows to create and embrace newness. When you have an end feeling, it’s the sign that you need to create something new in your life; a new way so you can move on and expand. I’m so excited for all the new opportunities that will come from that perspective. It’s always about perspective. Now, I want to help you shift in perception with my words. I want You to remember that everything passes and all you have is You!

All we have is now and I want you to make the best of this moment and know that you can overcome all hard situations and create new possibilities. It all starts with you and a great belief in You. Creativity is the masterpiece of this century because we won’t ever live a career of 40 years in the same company and then retreat. It’s over, we won’t back to this lifestyle even if we elected people that make people believe that we will go back to this time.  I believe creative people are the ones who will make the change happen and make a difference with their life, make an impact.  We’ll have more and more to create our own jobs and craft our Joie de Vivre living a life we love. I’ve been myself in this process since more than 3 years.  In 2014, I’ve started with L’Eclectique Magazine focused on creativity, art, lifestyle and authentic expression of the heart and soul. 

Endurance, is what we need to make the change happen. sarah

Fondatrice de L'Eclectique, subjuguée par l'écriture & l'anglais.
Auteure du roman "Subjuguer me fascine"

Writer & Soul artist
Author of the mini book for Soul "The Most Precious Love" & Soul prose book "French Kiss".

My intention is to help people expand their self-awareness & confidence. Overcome their emotional pain & self-doubt so they can transform & let their light shine to make a difference with their lives. I also do Astrology consultations & Tarot readings to find and communicate insights & healing to people who feel called to work with me.

"Two roads diverged in a wood and I - I took the one less travelled by and, that has made all the difference" - Robert Frost

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