5 steps to regain your power & change the direction of your life


When you feel stuck or not fulfilled in your life, it’s the sign you need to create a new way and this new way starts with new thoughts and a new mindset. The growth process is about gaining more awareness, more understanding and more knowledge through all our life experiences. In this post, I share 5 steps to change your Soul story. First of all, I want to start with a quote from my book “The Most Precious Love”: “It’s important to make a habit of evaluating your own personal beliefs about you. It doesn’t matter what people say about you? What do you say about you?

Self-awareness, positivity and optimism are a huge variable to your success and healthy lifestyle. Change the narrative of your story. You become what you believe.”

1. What’s the story you keep telling to yourself?

Thought is cause, experience is effect. Let me reframe: your thoughts create your reality. Therefore, the thoughts you have about yourself will be reflected in your life experiences and relationships. This creative process of thought can be very insidious when you’re not aware of it, and how powerful the thoughts you have about yourself might be holding you back from growth & fulfilment. So please, take some time to reflect, to think about the story you are creating with your thoughts about you and how this story might be really disempowering. If you keep telling yourself, your life is failure, you’re not good enough and you don’t deserve happiness – even if you do it unconsciously – chances are you feel very sad and unable to do something about it. The good news is that once aware of your current own storytelling, you can take the decision to change it with a story that empowers you to give you the energy you need to create newness in your life! I would highly recommend you to write about how you feel about yourself, your life and reflect about your thinking dynamic. Do it often. What you need is more awareness and more self-awareness. Remember, you can change your story by transforming your own art of self-storytelling!

It makes absolutely no sense that we are all expected to do the same way and live the same life when we are so different and unique in the first place – our soul.

2. Break from past conditioning

This second point is fundamental in your growth process but also in your spiritual awakening. We all have our personal story and we all have been taught beliefs, behaviours, and even our perception of life in our childhood. It happens that all this learning can be very disempowering. My point is not to judge this learning (because we all come from different backgrounds) but to raise some consciousness about the fact that when we feel unfulfilled and unhappy it is so often because we are struggling to fit in the standards of what we are supposed to do with our lives. This can’t work with everyone. It makes absolutely no sense that we are all expected to do the same way and live the same life when we are so different and unique in the first place – our soul.

The environment where we grew up influenced a lot the conditioning of your mind and your parents also have a great responsibility but they couldn’t do better from their own awareness and understanding at this time. Your point of power is definitely not to stay in the victim’s state of mind but to break the thought patterns and disempowering beliefs that hold you back. You absolutely can break free and believe me awareness is the first step in healing or changing your life. Being an adult more aware and with more understanding, you can decide to live according the beliefs that strongly resonate for YOU.

Your tiny choices are surely the most important ones you do in your life.

3. Realize your power of choices

We, adults, have two very powerful powers we so often undervalue. The first one is our power of choices. People have a tendency to consider only what they label as the “important choices” of their life like buying a house, getting married, selling their car etc…when the most important choices of your life is the ones that you make in a privacy sitting with yourself and that can dramatically and powerfully change your life. Working with my clients, I try to help them understand that changing their life can start with a tiny choice. When you decide to shift a thought that is disempowering you about your ability to achieve your potential and be successful, it might seem not as “important” as getting married but you have no idea how it can impact your whole life and make a huge difference.

Or when you decide to take the full responsibility for your life, you don’t attach anymore your well-being to something outside of you or someone because you shift from an external focus to an internal focus – your emotional self-reliance. Your tiny choices are surely the most important ones you do in your life. Be very conscious of your power of choices and choose an empowered version of YOU with such vehemence because your personal power matter! Your second very powerful power is the art of making a decision.

4. The power to decide

Everything is a decision. Not taking a decision is a decision. Take a stand and decide because uncertainty will always be here. I’ve found out that people are terrified to choose and decide because they fear it turns out not to be the right decision and they don’t want to take accountability for it. Know that when you take a decision, you could always make another choice and take a new decision afterwards and you’ll surely have the possibility to make an improved choice then. Always take the light from all your experiences. It’s a matter of perspective and perspective is everything, it’s a mindset. You have ONE life, your life is precious, and precious leaves no room for hesitancy.

Love the creative process of your life even it’s so painful sometimes

5. Regain your creative power

Your creative power is your ability to empower yourself with an effective thinking. The biggest creative power the humans have is the one of thinking. You have the power to create positive thoughts and beliefs. It’s not easy at all because it requires to unlearn so many things we have been working with during so many years and even decades, to learn new ways of thinking, and so often a new perception of you and life . But a thought is just a thought and you can change a thought now. From this place, it could only go better for you and you can create things with meaning and purpose for you.

When you have the will to leave the realm of your unhappiness, you will find the strength in you to work with yourself to create a more fulfilling experience for your soul. I know you have this will since you’re reading this blog. Be patient with yourself in your growth process and above all accept yourself and love yourself. Love is the ultimate healer. I want you to know that you’re brave and you’re not alone. As Maya Angelou said, when we know better, we do better. Love the creative process of your life even it’s so painful sometimes and don’t forget to laugh because #LaughterMatters and you’re doing the best you can.

I hope you enjoyed this article and will share it, you can send me your questions, I’ll try to answer. Contact me: sarah.anouar@leclectique-mag.com

Warm vibes** Sarah

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