3 things you can learn running that will serve your personal growth
What if I tell you that running can help you get out of your own way and grow? Running has not to be a punishment to lose weight, it can be an empowering body meditation.
Running energizes me and it has the power to expand my consciousness. Having a run to move my body and celebrate my health is a habit I developed to take care of myself and work with my mindset. I want to share with you 3 things that you can learn running:
  1. Become aware of your own resistance and self-sabotage
When you decide to develop a new habit, you can encounter a lot of resistance and procrastinate to start! It’s the same with running. Some days, you could find all the good reasons not to go out. At this very moment, you start wondering: Do I go run? No, I don’t. I will tomorrow, no I will go next Sunday – when all you have to do is to go run now without overthinking! This inner dialogue is what creates resistance and procrastination. If you’re not aware of it, you can let it defeat you and prevent you from acting. This is what I call “self-sabotage”. You have willingness to do something but overthinking it will ultimately hold you back and prevent you to do something that can benefit you. When you take the decision to go run and move your body, you’ll also prove yourself that you can overcome this resistance energy. It allows you to understand that it’s important to push yourself to take action.  
  1. Being grateful for what you have and expanding your consciousness of abundance
Whenever you feel down, interrupt your flow of thoughts with gratitude. It’s indeed easy to let your mind focus on what you don’t have. In the list of the things we are grateful for, we sometimes forget to name our body. When you run, you can give thanks to your body for supporting you and allowing you to move. Your body is power! When you run being conscious of this amazing power, you expand your consciousness of all the beautiful and organic things that you have. Your body and your organs produce energy that you need to live and to be active. Running, breathing and feeling how your heart and body provide you the oxygen and the energy you need to make a physical effort. It’s simply amazing, your body is a miracle! It’s a good practice to use your body to expand your consciousness of the abundance that you already have. The more you’re conscious of what you have, the more you can appreciate it. It’s an empowering and abundance mindset that you can train yourself to work with in your life.  
  1. Challenge yourself breaking patterns
When you run, you usually do the same tour, run the same amount of time, listen the same playlist. Some days, you can challenge yourself to break the pattern of your running habit. You can make a detour at the end of your run or decide to make one more tour of the park, run three minutes more than usual. Or you can decide to go run without your phone and music so you can connect more intensely to the flow of nature or the birds singing. We all have daily habits and we can break patterns with small changes. You don’t need to make radical changes to step out your comfort zone. If you don’t challenge yourself, you block your evolution, you become unhappy and stuck in the long term. Breaking patterns when you run will show you how a small new choice can make a difference for you. When you break the pattern of your routine, you get the satisfaction of doing more than you usually do! Breaking patterns is a fundamental pattern you can definitely keep; it’s purposeful and it only serves your personal growth. Moving your body helps you to move on! The best sensation is at the end of your running, when you’re proud of your achievement because you have ouvercome your resistance. You don’t need to run fast or a long time; what matters is to run being conscious that you’re doing more than a physical effort. As I love to say, if an action can bring you 1% more of good feeling in your day, do it for this 1% because 1 >0.  

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