Wear your Soul & He(art)

Stop wasting time, cause you have a limited amount of time! – Sarah Anouar

“Soyez-vous mêmes tous les autres sont déjà pris.” – Oscar Wilde

“When your personality comes to serve the energy of your soul, that is authentic empowerment” – Gary Zukav

“Le besoin de créer est dans l’âme comme le besoin de manger dans le corps.” – Christian Bobin

Find your lane & own it. If you can’t find it, create it. – Sarah Anouar

“Be full of yourself” – Oprah Winfrey

“If you have life, you have purpose.” – Caroline Myss

“Ignore conventional wisdom” – Tony Robbins

“There is no magic moment coming in the future it will be ok for you to start… START NOW!” – Mastin Kipp

L’Eclectique wishes also to highlight new talents who are creative and have a success story. Focus on the website  Moroccan Musthaves and its young founder Yusra.

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Yusra, funder of Moroccan Musthaves

Yusra, funder of Moroccan Musthaves

Yusra has 22 years old and lives in Amsterdam. She was born in Netherlands ,  her mother is Dutch and her father is moroccan. She is a student in communication and she works as a communication and public relatins for a momies (to be) blog in Netherlands. She is also sharing her daily life, her passion for fashion, creativity and food on Instagram @moroccanmusthaves  where she has more than 14 000 followers.

  • Could you present us the concept/website moroccanmusthaves.com and why you decided to create it?

MoroccanMusthaves.com is an online shop for every woman that is interested in East Meets West fashion. I try to always look for innovative ideas where traditionality of the Eastern world/Morocco meets the modernity of the West. I think that there are a lot of super cool traditions that are often forgotten or not even special anymore because they seem so normal to most of us. I want people to bound with the nostalgic aspects of my products when they see them or wear them.

  • What are the next projects for the development of the shop online MoroccanMusthaves.com?

There are definitely a lot of new things coming. It differs from collaborations with bloggers, shops to my newest collections. I like to keep things new, innovative and unique.

  • Yusra


    Moroccan Culture is your brand and fashion is your passion, do you think that the mix of culture and the creativity are great values to make people connect?

I connect East with West, so it is cool to see that there are actually Western people that buy my products. I have people shopping at MoroccanMusthaves.com from all over the world; France, Spain, Italy, Norway, Sweden and even Australia.  And this is where I feel  culture and creativity connect people of totally different cultures.


Internet website MoroccanMusthaves.com

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