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2. Disinfection of grainage appliances with 2% formalin before and after every grainage operation. 26 Nos Eri Seed Grainage are established which produce disease free laying (DFLs) to cater to the need of eri rearers through Sericultural Demonstrators. Content Ownership Directorate of Sericulture, Govt. They rear only pure breeds and no hybridisation is done here to maintain the purity of races. PGDS-5 Intensive practical Training and Visits to Units -- 3/Weeks-- 100 100 6. National Service Scheme * 0+1. Standardised Website Framework of Govt. 8. Three methods of incubations are generally followed: (i) Constant temperature incubation where eggs are incubated at a constant temperature of 23-25°C till hatching. To maintain the required humidity, sometimes thick foam pads soaked in water are placed all around the bed. (viii) Non-breakable Filament Length (NBFL): Cocoon whose filament can be unwound without any break has best commercial value. DS -2 Silkworm rearing, occupational health hazards in sericulture & management 40 -- 75 -- 75 3. The eggs are kept still at lower temperature (2.5°C) for another 40-50 days where these can also be stored for any length of time. General Mandate; Vision: XII Plan-Defining the Goal and Aspirations ; Scopes and Opportunities; Social Securities for Sericulturist; Monitoring and Management; Seri Budget. Same as flat card method except that eggs are laid on smooth surface of paper. Use microscopically tested disease free disinfected eggs only. ENS 201. In advanced temperate country like Japan, simple devices are used for harvesting the cocoons from rotary mountages. Super Sericulture Grainage Pvt Ltd incorporated with MCA on 03 December 1993.The Super Sericulture Grainage Pvt Ltd is listed in the class of pvtltd company and classified as Non Govt Company.This company is registered at Registrar of Companies(ROC), Vijayawada with an Authorized Share Capital of Rs.1 LAC and its paid up capital is 0.. Super Sericulture Grainage … P2 (Breeding Centres) – They receive seed cocoons from P4/P3 centres, so they rear the grandparents of commercial seeds and produce the Foundation Stock Seeds that also serve as germplasm bank. The establishments where the disease-free commercial seeds are produced in mass to be supplied to rearers are called Grainages. Sericulture and Govt. Short Tour * 0+1. Otherwise, in March, eggs are shifted at a temperature of .10- I5°C for 4-5 days before incubation. Core Scheme Under ODS; Special Schemes; Catalytic Development Programme. 2. It prevents ants from crawling up the stand and harming the worms. Sericulture, an agro-based cottage industry, deals with the production of silk. PGDS-6 Project -- 1/Year 50 50 100 Sep 04, 2020 sericulture and pest management Posted By Louis L AmourMedia Publishing TEXT ID 7317d09f Online PDF Ebook Epub Library Sericulture And Pest Management Pdf sericulture and pest management sep 02 2020 posted by dan brown public library text id 7317d09f online pdf ebook epub library chemical … Silk is the queen of textiles and the naturally produced animal fibre. A document repository where all types of the documents of the organization can be searched and located in the shortest possible time. This department actively takes care and encourages farmers and reelers by … A tight-built cocoon has good reelability. Designed & Developed byNational Informatics Centre (NIC), Nodal DepartmentSecretariat Administration Department,Govt. The price structure of cocoons depends on the following physical properties: Commercially bright-coloured coco­ons are preferred than dull colour. The book is must for sericulturist, farmers, students, teachers and researchers related with sericulture, parasitology and pest management. List of Farms/Grainage/TSC; Activities. Inhalation of allergens may lead to lung diseases such as allergic rhinitis and asthma. Activities of grainage, silkworm egg production processes, etc. Hybrid varieties: - CSR & TI have evolved certain high yielding varieties and recommended to different regions suitable for different seasons. Units 6. PG DIPLOMA IN SERICULTURE 100 Marks GENERAL SERICULTURE AND MORICULTURE: UNIT-I: Introduction to sericulture:- origin and history of sericulture, silk route; distribution of sericulture in world, components of sericulture (m ulberry, rearing, seeling, grainage and weaving) end products of … Being an alive and also perishable commodity, cocoons should be marketed as early as possible after harvesting and before the moths emerge from them. 3.2) are used as ant wells which are kept filled with water except the central elevation on which legs of tray stands are placed. Grainage definition: the duty paid on grain | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples The seasonal differences in the environmental components considerably affect the genotypic expression in the form of phenotypic output of silkworm crop such as cocoon weight, shell weight, and cocoon shell ratio. Department of Sericulture is scheduled under the ministry of Textiles, Handloom, Handicrafts and Khadhi, Governed by Government of Tamilnadu. ... During the Grainage operation one must know the seed suitability for a particular area before releasing commercially. 3.6). 12. In this article we will discuss about the management of egg, larvae and cocoons of silkworm. Management of summer grainage of eri silkworm Samia ricini (Donovan) for better performance Sarkar B. N.*, Sarmah M. C. and Goswami D. Central Muga Eri Research and Training Institute, Central Silk Board, Lahdoigarh-785700, Jorhat, Assam, India. This department actively takes care and encourages farmers and reelers by offering subsidies to promote and increase the silk production towards […] In the present study, we investigated the immunoregulatory role of different physical forms of silk moth allergens in mice as well as in human subjects working in the sericulture grainage industry. Hatching and Brushing – Introduction, incubation of eggs, blue egg and black boxing, hatching Incubation of eggs is done to achieve uniform hatching on a desired day by keeping the eggs at an optimum temperature of 25°C and 75-80% RH (Relative Humidity). (Honors) in Sericulture & Seribiotechnology Credit based Choice Based continuous evaluation pattern System (Revised Course Structure: 2011-2012) I Semester – 24 credits Sl. 2hrs. Oxford and IBH Pub. If pebrine is detected in any mother moth, all eggs are discar­ded. They receive the seed cocoons from P2 centres. DS -3 Grainage/Reeling/ economics& value addition in sericulture 40 -- 75 -- 75 4. The effects of sericulture byproducts and other organic manures on the grainage parameters of silkworm (B. mori) were investigated in a mulberry garden in Karnataka, India during 1997-98. Sericulture with its vast potential for employment generation can play a very vital role in alleviating rural poverty. Large-sized cocoons can be reeled easily than the smaller one. Discipline Specific Elective Subject (Four) DSE T1- Soil Science 24 DSE P1- Soil Science 25 DSE T2- Insect Biology and Classification 26 DSE P2- Insect Biology and Classification 27 DSE T3- Computer Application 30 . AMP 201. Use microscopically tested disease free disinfected eggs only. Resource Generation and Management in Sericulture . Unfertilised eggs which float on water are discarded. This treatment awakens the embryo but arrests the development.

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