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Amphan is the first "super cyclone" to form over the Bay of Bengal since 1999, and packed winds gusting up to 185 kph. Meanwhile, India Meteorological Department said cyclone Amphan had intensified into an extremely severe storm overnight and is likely to strengthen further to become a super cyclone. The word “Amphan” (pronunciation: Um-pun), means sky, said Bajlur Rashid, meteorologist of Bangladesh Meteorological Department (BMD). The storm destroyed 50,000 houses completely and 167,000 houses partially. Cyclone Amphan is a super cyclone formed over the Bay of Bengal. Q.Who gave the name Amphan cyclone? The Thai Meteorological Department (TMD) warned Andaman coastal provinces to brace for potentially heavy flooding caused by tropical cyclone Amphan this week. Amphan is the second pre-monsoon cyclone which is formed over the Bay of Bengal in two years. We are dealing with a multi-hazard scenario as the devastating winds are expected to cause extensive damage to structures, houses and trees,” said Mohapatra. It was given by Thailand back in 2004. Cyclone Amphan LIVE Tracker: How to track the super cyclone (PTI Photo)(PTI18-05-2020_000069A) Cyclone Amphan LIVE Tracker: Super Cyclone Amphan weakened into a severe cyclonic storm earlier today as it moved towards the coast triggering rainfall in some parts of West Bengal and Odisha. The name was suggested by Thailand back in 2004. Titli, Ockhi, Gaja, Fani, Vayu, Bulbul—there are quite a few other instances. The storm wreaked havoc, with winds of up to 185 km/h along with heavy rain and sea surges. Amphan is the first super cyclonic storm in the Bay of Bengal since the 1999 Odisha cyclone. In the Indian state of West Bengal, the cyclone affected about 13 million people, destroyed 1 million houses and crops of over 100,000 acres and killed about 1 million livestock. The meaning of the word Amphan, pronounced as “Um-pun,” is the sky. It destroyed houses and crops, and cut power supplies to cities and towns. FIRST CORONA VIRUS, NOW THE SEVERE CYCLONE “AMPHAN“!! Thailand named it as ‘Amphan’ Cyclone. The names assigned by India in this round include Gati, Tej, Murasu, Aag, Vyom, Jhar, Probaho, Neer, Prabhanjan, Ghurni, Ambud, Jaladhi and Vega. HOWEVER, The name “Amphan” is suggested by Thailand which means “Love”. Amphan is the equivalent of a Category 5 hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale. It is the last name in the list of 64 names given to tropical cyclones. Cyclone Amphan was gaining pace in the Bay yesterday and may hit Bangladesh coast near the Sundarbans in the early hours of tomorrow, the met office warns. The 1999 Odisha Cyclone had produced winds up to 260km/h. It will be the last name from the original list of 64 cyclone names proposed back in September 2004 for storms over the north Indian Ocean. The name of the severe cyclonic storm "Amphan" was decided even before it had formed. Cyclone Amphan has affected 26 coastal districts in Bangladesh and caused damage worth 11 billion taka, according to government data. How was Cyclone Amphan named? You can read also: List of the founder of Websites, Companies Prime Minister and Defense Minister Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha acknowledged the report of Office of National Water Resources (ONWR) about the influence of Cyclone Amphan over Thailand … The name of the severe cyclonic storm “Amphan” was decided even before it had formed. At least 12 people were killed and nearly 2.20 lakh houses damaged by the cyclone that swept through the south-western part on Wednesday with a wind speed of over 150 kilometres per hour. The first one was Cyclone Fani and the second one is Super Cyclone Amphan. It might be important at this stage to note that naming a cyclone makes communications easier as it reduces confusion when multiple tropical storms are occurring at the same time. Thailand has given the name Amphan to this cyclonic storm. Cyclone Amphan has left behind a trail of destruction in the country's coastal areas, affecting more than a million people in nine districts in Khulna and Barishal divisions. During the last super cyclone in 1999, nearly 15,000 villages … In 1999, a super cyclone hit Odissha, killing at least 9,887 people. But, how is it that a cyclone which originated in the Northern Indian Ocean region was named by Thailand … It was given by Thailand back in 2004. The name was given by Thailand in … Amphan is the second storm in a decade to be designated as a super cyclone. India named Agni, Aakash, Bijli, Neer, Lehar, Megh, Sagar, and Vaayu. Amphan is a tropical cyclone that intensified into a Very Severe Cyclonic Storm (VSCS) to Extreme Severe Cyclonic Storm (ESCS.) The storm meandered over the Bay of Bengal for over a week and developed into a tropical depression on Saturday when the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) named it Amphan in line with a proposal of Thailand, one of the eight countries to suggest cyclone names in the region. Start off today with a sign of one of the new normals, at the Seacon Mall near Bang Na in Bangkok. Cyclone Nivar will be the fourth cyclone to take shape in the North Indian Ocean region this year. The name was given by Thailand in 2004, years ago. Cyclones around the world are named by Tropical Cyclone Warning Centres (TCWCs) and Regional Specialised Meteorological Centres (RSMCs). Cyclone Amphan has made landfall in eastern India and Bangladesh, killing at least 15 people as it lashed coastal areas with ferocious wind and rain. Cyclone Nivar. The Thai Meteorological Department has issued a storm warning for many provinces until Thursday triggered by tropical cyclone Amphan in the Bay of Bengal. It is a super cyclone after 1999 in India. The super cyclonic storm, which is expected to have wind speeds of 230-240 kmph to 265 kmph, is going to stay till Wednesday evening … Cyclone Amphan which has by now developed into a extremely severe cyclone storm gathered over Bay of Bengal with potential to damage the coastal districts of West Bengal and Odisha before it crosses over to Bangladesh then towards India’s Northeast. The word 'Amphan', pronounced "Um-pun", originates from Thai and means "sky". The storm, which formed in the Bay of Bengal on Saturday, is likely to cross the […] The name was given by Thailand in 2004. More than 110 people died after "super cyclone" Amphan ravaged eastern India and Bangladesh in May, flattening villages, destroying farms and leaving millions without electricity. Cyclonic storm Amphan is said to be one of the worst to form over the Bay of Bengal in many years. Cyclone Amphan: In Bengal, Kolkata was battered by heavy rain and the muddy Hooghly river was rising under dark skies, while in the coastal resort … “Amphan is the most intense and the first super cyclone since the 1999 Odisha cyclone. Ans-The name Amphan cyclone was given by Thailand. “Amphan” was picked by Thailand, is quite an unusual name. But that’s not unusual for a cyclone in India. Super Cyclone Amphan started as a depression in the southeast Bay of Bengal on 16th May 2020. Cyclone Amphan: "Amphan", pronounced as "Um-pun", means sky. On 20 May, Super Cyclone Amphan hit some of the poorest areas of India and Bangladesh. Bengal-Odisha Coast and Bangladesh are hit by Amphan cyclone. It developed into a Super Cyclone in less than 48 hours. The Government of India had declared a national disaster in the aftermath of the cyclone. Finally, it made landfall in the evening hours of 20th May 2020 through the Sundarbans between West Bengal and Bangladesh. Super Cyclonic Storm Amphan (/ ˈ ɑː m p ɑː n /) was a powerful and catastrophic tropical cyclone that caused widespread damage in Eastern India, specifically West Bengal, and also Bangladesh in May 2020. Close to 1.5 lakh people had died in 2008 Nargis cyclone in the Irrawaddy dealt in Myanmar. Amphan, which means sky in Thai, could very well live up to its name as the super cyclone has caused unprecedented havoc in parts of West Bengal and Odisha with West Bengal staring at … Nivar will be the second cyclone to hit Tamil Nadu in two years after Cyclone Gaja in … The swirling air rises and cools, creating clouds and precipitation. The first three cyclones were Cyclone Gati (made landfall in Somalia on November 22), Cyclone Amphan, (eastern India witnessed it in May), and Cyclone Nisarga (in Maharashtra). The previous one occurred in 1999 in Odisha leaving more than 10,000 people dead. Ans-A cyclone is a rotating of winds anti-clockwise in the Northern Hemisphere around a low-pressure center area seas and oceans. Learn more about cyclone Amphan in the article and download Amphan notes PDF for UPSC 2020 preparation. In Thailand, it is called Umpun cyclone. Thailand proposed … Now the names will start from the top again. Cyclone Amphan, which recently hit East India and Bangladesh, brought in unprecedented damage and destruction with it. Amphan is just the second super cyclone to hit the Bay of Bengal since records began. Cyclone Amphan is the most powerful of its kind to hit the region in over two decades. The 1999 Odisha cyclone killed more than 9,800 people and affected India, Bangladesh,Myanmar and Thailand. However, this was not the worst cyclone in the Bay of Bengal.

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